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Named outlets

If you need to display multiple route-depending views on a single page, for example, creating a layout with sidebar views and main views - this is where you may need named outlets (or named views, like in Vue.js). Instead of having one single outlet in your view, you can have multiple and give each of them a name. A RouterOutlet without a name will be given default as its name.

<RouterOutlet /> <!-- "default" outlet -->
<RouterOutlet name="sidebar-left" /> <!-- "sidebar-left" outlet -->
<RouterOutlet name="sidebar-right" /> <!-- "sidebar-right" outlet -->

An outlet is rendered by using a component, therefore multiple outlets require multiple components for the same route. Make sure to use the components (with an s) option:

const router = new Router({
  routes: [
      path: '/',
      components: {
        default: Foo,
        'sidebar-left': Bar,
        'sidebar-right': Baz

You can use named outlets on each level, even in nested routes: just put a name attribute to <RouterOutlet>