v3.2.2 GitHub

Welcome to Svelte Easyroute homepage!

Svelte Easyroute is a simple and convenient router for your Svelte projects.

TL;DR Features:

  • Config-based router (just like Vue Router)
  • Dynamic route matching
  • Nested routes
  • Lazy route component loading outside the box
  • Programmatic navigation
  • Named routes
  • Named outlets (views)
  • Global and individual navigation hooks
  • Controlling data loading via route metadata
  • Server side rendering (SSR) that is easy to configure v3.0.0+
  • Hash, history and silent modes
  • Svelte + TypeScript support v3.1.1+
  • Declarative and programmatic replace route in history mode v3.2.1+

Why you should try it?

  1. Well-known syntax.
    It was inspired by the router for Vue.js, so this router will be understandable to many of you.
  2. Still developing. Many features of the router are still ahead. Already now it can be used in projects, and I’m happy to know what will make it better.
  3. Community-friendly. Repository cloning and pull requests are welcome! Together we can make the perfect tool for developing on Svelte